It About You, Us, Everybody

Sport is Social, for Good

You've all been playing basketball, footy/soccer, tennis, frisbee, rugby, cricket, volleyball, golf, parcour, climbing, cheese rolling, or whatever your favourite is, probably since you've been a kid (or you're a kid).

You love the sport and play it whenever you can; but here’s a little insight into playing grassroots sports.  
  • It takes 20 or so emails/texts/Snaps or whatever generic thing you use to connect with your player friends, back and forth between about 50 people just to confirm a game.
  • Also, finding new local people or teams to play, and ones at your right level, is left to chance.
  • On top of that, players have to bring cash to the organiser, if it’s a reserved court or field.
  • Then, there is no record and little recognised rewards for any of those games played; that’s decades, no CENTURIES (lest we forget the Gladiators who had no phone) of forgotten (ancient) history and lost potential positive social impact.
These problems are shared today by hundreds of millions of global grassroots sports players in all sorts of sports.
Kicking off with basketball and soccer, we’ll solve these problems and also reward players you players, kinda like the pro's are, but probably more in the double digits, not the 6 or 7 digits, but we are talkin' CASH (or crypto) here.

Welcome to WOOOBA, the World One On One Ballers Association.
We make organising the game as fun as playing the game.  
Let's Play Some Ball.
Peace.  Team WOOOBA